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Engraved Rocks

Bedrock is well known for providing those engraved rocks seen in neighborhoods and businesses around the Tri City area. With a state of the art facility located right here in the Tri-Cities, BedRock can engrave any stone from small river rock to a basalt column or huge boulder.

Did you know it was possible to engrave a copy of a photo onto a granite slab? What about a plaque or poem for your favorite teacher or loved one? At BedRock we can put pictures, logos, letters and numbers on any size or shape of rock to fit your needs.Canyon Lakes Condos engraving on boulder. Click on image to view larger photo

The most popular request is for a name or address engraved in a large rock or basalt column but, if you can imagine it, we can engrave it. Stop by our showroom to see some examples of our work or talk with us about your idea.

Basalt Column Mailbox. Click on image to view larger photo

For more information about what BedRock can do to create that specialty rock for you, call (509) 627-2020 or email [email protected] today.

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